Wednesday, January 27, 2010

D'Semungkis Camp Site - Phase 2 in progress

Phase 2 of D'Semungkis camp site is actually took place somewhere end of last year, in 2009. Basically, the phase 2 consists of expansionary works of the dorm capacity of the camp as well as the upgrading of the facilities which include new things such as a wall climbing, flying fox and abseiling/rapelling.

Below are some of the photos taken which were taken last year. I believe some of the works have completed now.

Dining hall expansionary work

A new double storey dormitory building.
Meant to cater a facilitator or the family members who wish to join the camping activity carried out during weekend.

Another two blocks of double storey dormitory building to cope with a larger number of participant.

This is the new second bridge to replace the older one. The bridge has been built with higher position for safety purposes as to avoid a hit by a heavy river flow.

The hill seen at the back of the dorm is the designated area for flying fox, wall climbing and abseiling/rapelling activities.

So, this is it for now. There shall be more actually and will be updated accordingly. Well guys, how do you find the second phase of D'Semungkis Camp? Fell free to give your comment, feedback or suggestion so that we can improve our facilities continuously. Of course, one of the thing in my mind is, it would be great if we can have a dam to heighten up the water level of the river to make the water activity more enjoyable. But dude, that's not a free material and of course need a lot of money. Worry not, we will do it and keep the facilities improve step by step, slow and steady.

Salam and regards