Thursday, March 25, 2010

D'Semungkis Camp Site - another update

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera,

Last saturday, a group of visitor came by to D'Semungkis Camp Site (D'Semungkis) asking about a rental of the camp by an individual for recreational purpose (not a kind of activity we used to have with a group of student for motivational purpose). To the group and other group or individual who have contacted us for enquiry with regards to D'Semungkis, we would like to extend our gratitude and thanking all of you for showing an interest to have an activity here at D'Semungkis. Unfortunately, D'Semungkis phase 2 is still under construction and I hope this group or any other individual or group could check this site out regularly for an update once it is completed. In the meantime, we are more than happy and welcome any enquiry be it through phone, an email or even through this blog. In fact we would like to welcome any comments and views from reader to further improve D'Semungkis.

Ok, lets get back to the topic, another update of D'Semungkis. Why so much update? When is D'Semungkis going to be completed, ready to welcome everyone and be operationalised? Ahahhhh! A simple yet tough question to be answered. Why?

I believe everybody is tired waiting to see D'Semungkis phase 2 be completed. At least, an update after another is not something that is really desirable to somebody if not everybody. Perhaps, one or two updates before the of completion of D'Semungkis phase 2 is more encouraging than too many updates of work in progress. See, I also believe the owner is more than tired to get D'Semungkis completed on schedule. Why? because phase 2 is already taking out a lot of effort and what more the cash out of the pocket. However, be assured that the actual progress is a little bit behind schedule as we would like to ensure that D'Semungkis will offer the best facilities we could to meet our client's expectation and not forgeting the safety part as well.

With that notes, here are how D'Semungkis looks like at the last visit.

The 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd double storey dormitory building. Can you spot the difference? Just double click the images to enlarge. Yes, the staircase is now complete with the guardrail. All the interiors and the fittings are ready except for the furniture. We will have the interior images uploaded once everything is in order. The tower is also more visible in the 2nd pic.

From top to bottom: 1.
Down over the next side of the bridge is the dam and you could notice from all the pics inside this post that the water level has gone up and the boys inside the pics are just loving it. Well, you know what I mean. We were also made to understand that the boy in the 3rd pic is under going an intensive diving training as a result of having this dam before entering swimming contest should there be any.

2. The fish pond will be converted to be a mini swimming pool. It is good to have the fish pond as we can offer a fresh and juicy grilled fish fresh from the pond in the menu. However, some people are just meant to live over other people belonging and effort. The fishes are all reap by them in no longer than one night when nobody is in the D'Semungkis. And here we are building the swimming pool so that the most these type of people can do is to have a free swimming session should they are not be caught, while we can have another type of recreational activity to be offered.

The platform next to the dining hall. Either leave it to be an open space dining area (then we need to have an umbrella for each table here) or we can stack up another dorm at the top level to cover up the area as well as increasing our capacity. The issue here is another dorm here would disrupt the air flow of the area (unless it is built high enough to enable sufficient air circulation) and also will delay the completion of D'Semungkis phase 2 as it is initially not in the original plan. What say u? Some says it can be a nice open stage too for performance if any. hmmmm.

From top to bottom: The central dorm in the garden, the 1st lecture hall and the 2nd lecture hall. Think we don't need to explain more on this facilities cos everybody know what it is meant for, right? What we want to share here is we are also working out on the scenery and the landscape in each and every building inside D'Semungkis and we wish the result could be better than if not equal to what we have in the 1st pic.

So, what else to share? Okay, last but not least,some of the decent pics that we were able to snap during the last visit. Need not to explain further cos everything is self explained, pics of a thousand words. Enjoy!

p/s: We've added a link to one of our family members blog. She blogs about her passion in bakery, pastry and chocolate. Please feel free to visit her at
Who knows you will find something interesting or maybe share the same interest with her. Check it out.
Thanks sis for adding D'Semungkis earlier.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

D'Semungkis Camp Site - Phase 2 a quick update


Just a quick update on the site progress of D'Semungkis Camp Site Phase 2. Check it out.

1. The newly built 3 units double storey dorm

2. The swimming pool

If u notice, the gazebo at the right hand side, in front of the central dorm has been removed to convert the fish pond to mini swimming pool. Hope the kids will like it and more activities can be carried out in the pool.

3. The tower/The obstacles

Can u see it in the first pic? Right behind the dorm below the trees. The tower. We will have all those abseiling/rapelling and wall climbing activities here.

We also have the obstacles set on the trees (1st and 2nd pics). Dare u or dare u not?

4. the small dam

Ok, let us see what more we have here. The last for the time being but not least, yes, we will have a small dam to heighten up the water level of the river for more enjoyable activities. This is not a fix and permanent dam but an adjustable dam which will be activated when needed.

Oooopsssss, before I forgot, having a dam means we will have a very nice river flow for picnic purposes and because of that, we also plan to have a gazebo to be rented out to public to have a picnic here. Isn' t that great? Yeah, of course bbq facilities, bathroom and toilet will be available too at a certain rate just to make sure the facilities are well maintained and in a great working conditions, right?

The targeted completion date of this phase 2 of D'Semungkis Camp Site is just around the corner and so many things need to be done. We hope it can be completed very very soon.

Comments are welcomed and if u are interested, please feel free to contact Mr. Zul @ 019-2637273 for further info or booking.